What to expect

Generally, our services are characterized by a warm family-friendly atmosphere, lively corporate singing, and a passion for making much of Jesus through the preaching of His word.  We are casual in appearance but solemn in spirit and welcome all who desire to worship Jesus.  We would love for you to join us in our pursuit to joyfully advance God’s kingdom by making much of Jesus!


Pastor Jason typically preaches exegetically through entire books of the bible.  He tries to capture the central idea of a text worked out through three to four main points that support that idea, leaving you with a short purpose statement of action.  All of his sermons are uploaded on our website.


We desire to make much of Jesus in our music by singing songs that move your heart to acknowledge God’s sovereign goodness, confess your brokenness, rejoice in your redemption, and eagerly await your Lord’s return.  We do this through a variety of music blending both hymns and contemporary songs to capture our hearts with big truths.  FBCL has been blessed with several gifted musicians who play an assortment of instruments, and we use their gifts in every capacity to worship Jesus.

Throughout your worship time, you will have the opportunity to hear God’s word, sing God’s truth, and commune with God in prayer.  There will be time for reflection and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  We want you to have ample opportunity to engage your soul with the living God in spirit and truth.